Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A New Path, A New Season

Roosevelt Island Swamp Walkway

If you're like me, fall feels like the beginning of a new year. Escaping the school routine so thoroughly embedded in our collective consciousness is a difficult task, made moreso by the changing leaves and the cooling wind. There is a smell in the air; the mixture of school bus exhaust and burning leaves, the last sweep of new grass and the dying embers of charcoal.

The stretch from now until December is the longest part of the year, a testament to relativity and my ever-dramatic perception. When the world around you is filled with the expectations of the holidays and a need to squeeze every last moment of sun before winter comes, minutes turn to moments en route to memories. Like squirrels in search of sustenance, we store the good times now to keep us warm into the snowy months to follow.


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