Sunday, August 20, 2006

Resolution Revolution #32

a simple landscape made complex
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I'm not big on gimmicky photography; the use of soft or color filters always kind of turned me off. But I was recently reading about the use of infrared filters with digital slrs, and it was intriguing, especially the results. Basically, the filter blocks any light that's visible to the human eye from coming into the camera. It only allows infrared light through the lens. By putting the camera on a tripod and increasing the amount of light, you can acheive same effect as infrared film with a lot less hassle.

So I had to try this out. It was a busy weekend, running down to see Laurie, but I found some time on Sunday to get to the nearby park and take some test shots. With a little more practice on my exposures (and a less windy day -- tress moving in the wind create quite a blur over 10 second exposures), I think I can get some really beautiful (and different) shots.

delicate strength ward park joining the clouds a good walk infrared peaches


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