Monday, July 31, 2006

Resolution Revolution #29

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Went on a long walk from Arlington Cemetary to the mall on Friday night after work -- felt good to stretch my legs and bring the camera along for the ride. I aimed to grab some nighttime exposure shots, but recklessly left the shutter times up to chance and didn't have the quite the success that the digital age has granted with such ease. It was a memorable solo night, though, from the moment I sat down to eat a sandwich outside the Korean War memorial and had a butterfly land on my shoulder (to the fascination of a nearby kindergartner) to the guy at the FDR memorial who exclaimed "Delano! I always thought it was Delanor Roosevelt!"

As FDR said, "Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds."

stand right, walk left arlington cemetary fdr monument traffic


Blogger Craig said...

I always said your shoulder looks like a pollenating flower. Sounds like a nice relaxing night, but what we all really want to know is this: What kind of sandwich was it?
And I'm not defending anyone but i thought it was Delanor for quite some time too.

4:34 AM  

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