Monday, July 03, 2006

High Voltage!

Power outages have struck my apartment complex this weekend after a bitchin' storm ripped through the 395 area. We lost power at around 6:30 pm Sunday night and it hasn't returned yet (as of 11:30 Monday morning). I got ready for work using a flashlight and prayed my clothes matched when I stepped outside.

I have some interesting shots for the revolution this week from the Air and Space Museum hangar in Chantilly -- Laurie and I spent Saturday there with plans to see Superman at the IMAX theatre in the evening. As soon as we're granted the privilege of power, I'll post.

As a sidenote -- never before have I felt so dependent on electric. I didn't even have a board game when the lights went out. To solve this dilemma, my patient guests and I picked up a deck of Phase 10 cards, a classic edition of Stratego (a personal fave) and the Pirates of the Caribbean version of LIFE, rated "ARR." I was absolutely destroyed by the skill of the other players (and by the fact that my ship was a modified bathtub), but it was a great time.


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