Monday, June 26, 2006

Resolution Revolution #24

a girl and her sharpies
Originally uploaded by Speedy Delivery.

Having a bit of trouble sleeping, so I'm updating at an odd hour. As for the picture, I thought it was very cute and I've been digging the square format lately. I was torn between this and the dino (see below). but what can you do. I spent most of tonight in my car -- 395 flooded and I sat stuck for roughly 2 hours before I could get home. The weather made the drive from Fredericksburg a religious experience -- one of those trips where you turn the christian music station on just to get some last minute brownie points.

dinosaurs existed before small apertures the call came from inside the house! i love lamp loveliness and a wet screen door


Blogger Chris said...

Cool picture.

Are you ever going to do more of those microwavable meal critiques? I dug them.

7:36 AM  

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