Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Resolution Revolution #20

screw you too, pepe lepeu
Originally uploaded by Speedy Delivery.

Spending the day at Hersheypark with a Holga opens up a lot of fantastic photo opportunities, not the least of which is standing at "Kodak" camera-friendly markers and laughing like an idiot with candy. Unlike my normal camera, I could take the little plastic thing on just about every ride, waving it in the wind as the rollercoaster gods attempted to rip it from my hands.

i ride solo the great bear roars above disco ball? check. exits are located here and here who needs a grab bar? i for one welcome out tweety overlords the superdooperlooper is a one trick pony it don't mean a thing how does your garden grow? winging it the light doth leak through a plastic seal


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