Saturday, February 04, 2006

The First Kiss

This was a bit inspired by the leader of the goggle gang over at the apartment site, but it's a worthy story so I'll share. I may have romanticized it a bit, but who are you, Mr. Fact Checker? Talk to me after I go on Oprah.

My first kiss was junior year, if I remember correctly. I had pined (double entendre, no?) for the same girl since 7th grade and until this point was quite unrequited. I participated in the school forensics tournament (how cool!) and placed sixth in the improv category. Rather than stay for the award ceremony, I left to meet my "sweetheart" for a halloween funhouse. We kissed in the dark of the tunnel, very short, a peck really.

We dated for two years until she broke up with me right around graduation. I went on to a college career in improv, and she got fat.

What's the lesson here? Stay for the award ceremony. Kisses ain't trophies.


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