Friday, February 24, 2006

An early birthday present for my brother...

So, 12 years ago Jesse and I bought Super Punch Out!!! (probably with his birthday money) and became obsessed. I loved the game, learning how to beat it without taking a punch and getting the best times. But there were a few fighters I could never beat faster than my brother -- Bear hugger was the most notorious. Well, last week, 12 years later, I finally did it. I beat his record. And I recorded it as well. To prove it's authenticity, I included the scoreboard at the end of the clip. "Owned" is Jesse's previous name in the game.

(Maybe you can beat my time in another 12 years, Jesse).


Blogger Lanbeast said...

Son of a bitch...

My SNES emulator will not rest until owned regains his place on that list.

(Just kidding mom and dad, I'll be studying hard!)

7:00 PM  

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