Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Resolution Revolution

This blog is kind of a pet project -- something that fends off becoming an insignificant speck of dust on this big blue ball of boring. But there's only so many times I can pretend that anyone reads this beyond my parents, and even they find my humor droll and pedestrian, (ouch, mom, ouch). So I'm making a new years resolution to recapture life, one picture at a time, for every week of 2006.

I call it the resolution resolution, since I'm into digital photography and lame puns. Here's the idea:

- each week I will post one new (good) photo, something created in 2006 (no repeats)
- a subject can only be used once (this means no repeat girlfriend photos)
- the photo will be posted on Sundays, but not always at the same time of day
- photoshopping will be allowed, but the final image must be something completely new
- at the end of the 52 weeks, I will ask friends and family to vote on the favorite
- photo comments on the blog are encouraged, and...
- if I complete it, I will make photo books for everyone that comments on the photos as Christmas presents

There you go - a revolution of resolution. I have pretty high standards for myself, so don't expect any crap. The first photo will go up on New Year's Day, January 1st. If you have any suggestions for weekly themes, let me know.


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