Thursday, October 13, 2005

An Underlying Theme

The more I write, the more I sense an underlying theme to my entries -- now that I'm out on my own, I revert back to my childhood more and more often. The proof of this lay in the stack of comic books next to my bed and the mario brothers background on my computer. I suppose you could argue this is a search for lost innocence, except that I was never really all that innocent to begin with.

More likely I just find those days easy to relate to -- a measuring stick, if you will, to the person I have become today. You can't measure yourself against other people -- my recent class reunion is proof enough of that. People are too unstable -- no one knows exactly where they are headed. How can you plot your course using a spinning compass?

I went home last weekend because we had Columbus Day off at work (a good time to discover new things, I suppose) and noticed how small my room seemed -- not because the physical size of it had changed, but because I could no longer see myself there. My parents might as well put a jacuzzi in there -- it doesn't feel right any longer. In fact, I encourage the jacuzzi option. I'm a fan of the bubbles.

And now college homecoming hits this weekend. Should be a good trip to see how things haven't changed. It's officially more important to me than high school, I know that much. I'll probably review the homecoming parade here on the blog -- always fun.


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