Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ethical Dilemma

If I download the soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar instead of buying it at the store, do I automatically go to hell? Seriously, that thing is like thirty bucks, but I freaking love the music. I fell in love with the original movie of the musical back in like 10th grade -- I think it was the song with the lepers that got me hooked. It was like someone smashed open the radio, smooshed in a bible and made the whole thing accessible to a kid who knew jack about Christianity. I guess I still don't really know enough, but I what I do know is Judas could freaking rock the house. He totally sold out in the end, though. Maybe that's where the term comes from originally.

Anyway, I was gonna post about my class reunion sometime around now, but it was so boring and uneventful I can't even type about it without passing out and waking up to find the letter J stuck to my forehead. Basically every showed up, everyone looked around to see who got fat, turns out no one got fat, so everyone left at around 10 p.m.

Lesson learned -- less DJ, more fatties. Who could've predicted? The dinner was good -- Caribbean pork and a kick ass dessert called "Death by Chocolate" that unfortunately didn't live up to its name. Should someone have actually died from an overdose of cocoa extract, the evening would have been more interesting, at least. I seemed to revert to my old high school self for some reason -- I guess I spent so much time worrying about the event actually happening that I didn't really worry about what I was actually going to talk about with anyone.

I stopped over at the bar afterwards to see who had skipped out on paying for the reunion in favor of being a bar leech and seeing people for free. There were a few, not really surprising to say the least. Guess assholes exist free of the constraints of time and space. All said and done, though, I'm done. College homecoming is coming up, or as I like to call it, Christmas in October. Beer, food and friends. Thank you Lord.

Everything's alright now, everything's fine.
And we want you to sleep well tonight.


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