Friday, September 30, 2005

Once we hit 88 miles per hour...

I found a website that allows you to write an email to your future self -- so, I plunked out an email and set it to be delivered in 2010. Here's what I wrote to badass future Jake:

Dear FutureMe,
Right now you're just starting out, kicking back in the Alexandria area and loving your cute girlfriend Laurie. What's it like in the future? Are there flying cars yet? Did we make contact with life on other planets? Cause that would be kick ass. I wonder if you have a kid...five years is a long time, after all. I bet you're married. How'd that go? Not that you can really send an email back in time, but if you could, what would it say? Maybe I should check my email right now so I can see. Nope, nothing. Guess you want to keep it a surprise. Well, in case the world ends, the combination to the lock (you know the one) is 23-46-87. You'll figure it out. Best of luck and try not to destroy the planet in the next five years.

P.S. Clean out the lint trap!

When I read this thing in 2010 on 3d-videophone from the comfort of my hovercar in New Omega-Washington, I'm totally going to clean the lint trap and prevent a small fire.


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