Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A New Sketch

You Got Served – Legal Documents!

Are you having trouble getting your brother in law to show up in court ever since he stole your car stereo?

Brother in law

Guy (to announcer, reading off a cue card)
Yeah, what’s up with that?

And don’t you wish your no good wife would just sign the divorce papers so you can start getting your game on?

Wife (holding brother in her arms, with attitude)
You ain’t half the man your brother is!

Guy (to announcer, still off card, no emotional change)
Yeah! What’s up with that?

Aren’t you tired of waiting for the law to start helping you out?

Damn straight!

Announcer (walking out)
Next time, serve those fools and break of a piece of law with “You Got Served – Legal Documents!”

Brother walks back out, announcer walks to him with funky attitude.

Mr. Johnson of 223 Main Street?

Yeah, that’s me.

On behalf of the straight of Virginia, I am obligated to provide these documents and inform you that your moves are wack and your game, son, is foolish.

Announcer starts to break out some moves, effectively “serving” the brother. He finishes by pulling out a folder of legal papers.

Damn! You just got served – LEGAL DOCUMENTS!

So the next time you’re in need, get the representation that really REPRESENTS. You got served -- legal documents!


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