Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Birthday Post

So, I turned 23 today, which I thought would be some big deal since I have this weird association with the number 23, but true to form it turned out to be pretty lame. So, rather than prattle on about how I sat on the couch and watched Scrubs while snacking on celebratory potato chips, here are some pics of my new apartment:

That's the bedroom, furnished by such famous makers of balsa wood products such as Ikea, Target, and Your Neighbor's Yard Sale. The walls are decorated with such keepsakes as a poster of Superman, a large digital clock that I can see without my glasses on and a blue jay shitting an E.

This is the kitchen -- make note, it is clean at this very moment. I think those are the first set of curtains I have ever owned.

I'd post a picture of the living room, too, but it's the only part of the apartment I use with anything worth stealing. Maybe, if I work up the energy, I'll post a picture of the bathroom -- now wouldn't that be exciting?


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