Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I had a dream the other night that my mom was fighting zombies in our front yard. In the dream, an open burial plot was sitting next to the top of our driveway, close to the well and the garage. The grave itself was slimey -- the earth walls dripped down in big gobs of mud. The zombie (actually, it was some sort of zombie/skeleton hybrid) slid its head out of the mud, the ocular cavities filled with mud and wearing an eerie, vacant expression across its face. I must have been standing on the porch of our house to see the creature from this angle, and I believe my mom was standing behind me.

The next thing I remember is that the zombie/skeleton monster stretched its spine out from the grave, taking on a rather beastly stance that resembled a raptor from Jurassic Park stalking children in a kitchen. The skull of the zombie shot out at me, the spine extending itself like a telescope. I looked down to realize I was holding a shotgun (?) as I fired into the jaw of the creature.

The neck swung wildly out towards the yard, as if the zombie was trying to absorb the impact while turning for another strike. This is when my mom entered the battle -- I think she was holding an aluminum bat (zombies hate college baseball) and began swinging wildly at the spine of the monster. I froze, watching her beat the zombie into submission and back into the grave.

I really need to stop eating pizza rolls at one in the morning. That shit was scary. But props to my mom for kicking some zombie's ass -- and with a bat no less. I had a shotgun and couldn't put the damn thing down.

I'll post some pictures from Jesse's grad party this weekend.


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