Monday, May 23, 2005


Far too long...I haven't written in far too long. I have a Mr. Rogers desk calendar on my desk at work -- I measure my adult life by the glue that remains after each day is removed. At this moment, a large strip of gooey, jagged wax represents almost 6 straight months of working full time. I'm going to discount the October to December starting period -- I was really just getting my feet wet through the holidays, anyway.

So around March I was officially promoted (easily the reason I haven't written in so long). Since that day, the staff in at the office has changed pretty drastically, but not for the worse or better. Just different. I like the people, tire of the monotony and imagine the day I find something more suited to me.

Today is the 23rd -- that always holds a special significance to me. I tend to notice the number more often in my life during times of change (or at least imagine change). Maybe it has no more meaning than buying a new car and suddenly noticing that type of car everywhere else.

Regardless, I plunked down the money to buy my first for real camera this week. This was not small decision -- I agonized over it, wondering if I would use it often enough to justify the cost. I will be posting tons of pictures in the coming months, that much I know for sure.

In my last post I believe I mentioned an article I was writing for Central PA -- well, I have a link to it, finally. It was fun to write again, that's for sure. Grossnickle, be sure to show your dad -- I could use another ego boost the next time I run into him :)

The little lady and I are still searching for work closer to eachother -- I get the feeling one of us will have a lucky strike soon. How does the song go? Things are gonna change...I can feel it.

My dad's officially done with Egypt -- now all of his adventures take place at roughly 13 miles per hour on the back of his new lawnmower. The machine is, as Jesse would put it, a beast. Our yard -- a complicated, unruly mess of weeds, brambles and rocks -- is slowly falling victim to my father's dominating urge to raze and destroy.

Jesse heads into rougher volleyball waters -- the playoffs are upon him and he is showing the usual signs of stress: 1% increase in morning grumbles, 2% decrease in late night flatulence.

In the interest of full-disclosure, I kinda fudged the flatulence rating.

Sis is off working for the summer -- she's happy and busy, so good for her. Our common interests these days resemble an etch-a-sketch venn diagram, so I'll just say that I miss her more than she misses Jesse to keep it ambiguous. (that joke fell into the dennis miller ratio, I think).

I got lots of stuff built up to talk about, but I'll disperse it in the proper intervals. No more long pauses, at least until life pauses again :)


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