Thursday, March 10, 2005

Gah! A month!

When I started posting, I resolved to keep current -- the last thing the internet needs is another blog that ends a mere two weeks after it started. Now I sit in front of my computer and I realize I haven't posted in nearly a month.

For shame. Here come the excuses:

First off, work became more, well, complicated...

My beloved coworker decided to leave and pursue better things, which means I am filling in. This entails scheduling all of the shows we have on air; in other words, the job has more learning curves than my sexy seventh grade chemistry teacher.

But it's working out. I'm doing well in the position, although i haven't officially been given the title. I already got the extra work, what more could I want, right? Oh yeah, that little thing called money.

Outside of the daily grind, life's been, umm, consistant. Nothing extreme in any way or shape, really. I wrote an article for Central PA Magazine on drive-in movie theaters. I submitted some photography to art shows on the east coast. I cooked Valentine's dinner for Laurie. I paid in on taxes (no refundo). I resolved to post more than once a month in the off chance someone presses (next blog) a thousand times and stumbles on me.


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