Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A class divided...

I've taken it upon myself to start organizing my five year class reunion. I've kept in touch with, oh, probably -1 people since graduation, so I think I might have some work to do.

5 years isn't exactly a long time -- I mean, I still can't grow a beard. Or waterski. Or juggle with one hand.

I totally though I'd be able to juggle with one hand by now.

But more to the point -- how does one reconnect to a past life? I mean, I'm not really the same Jake Landis that 3 people knew in high school. I'm the Jake Landis that 4 people knew in college.

Those numbers are accurate, by the way. I just joined facebook and the only person on my friends list is my high school principle.

And he never messages me.

So here I sit, trying to figure out how to get in touch with roughly 300 people who no longer exist. Well, I mean, they exist in some form. Just not the way I remember. They've joined the army, or moved on to grad school, or have started families.

Some may have even learned to waterski.

In a couple months everything will be worked out -- I'll enjoy a night of nametags and awkward silences, punctuated by mental notes of who really got fat. (Note to self: don't be that guy).

But for the moment, I think I'll just sit back and remember who I used to be.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're principle doesn't message you because you never would message me. It's called karma, bitch!!!


12:28 AM  

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