Friday, February 04, 2005


So I was cleaning my office today (the whole building does this once a year, evidently), and I was vacuuming around my desk. There are pieces of dirt that began to form circa 1962 underneath my desk, and while I hate to disturb their quiet evolution, I aimed the company's industrial strength sweeper under my desk and let 'er rip.

In the next 20 seconds all hell broke loose. As I pulled the vacuum back and forth, suddenly my phone whipped across the office and crashed in the middle of the room. The vacuum started to whir and whine like an appliance possessed. I rushed to turn it off and figure out what had happened.

I managed to suck up the entire telephone cord into the vacuum and -- get this -- pull the cable right out of the wall jack. The little plastic piece remained, but the wires were sucked out clean.

With both coworkers laughing their heads off, I got down on my hands and knees to try and fix what had happened. I spent the next fifteen minutes prying the plastic piece from the wall and cursing my clumsiness.

Well, that was crazy.


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