Sunday, January 16, 2005

It's what everyone's talking about...

Although I tend to split my football allegiance inbetween the Eagles and the family-favored Vikings, I, like most of Pennsylvania, have become enamored with the amazing season of the Pittsburgh Steelers. So last night, when fate itself said "laces out, Dan" and the Steelers pulled victory from the jaws of defeat - guess where I was.

At a Gavin Degraw concert.

Now, I don't want to be anything other than I'm trying be lately, but I left my testosterone at home and went with
the short one to a concert in Allentown. I listened to the game up until we parked - right around the time the Jets tied up the contest. Once inside the venue, a couple of screens were showing the dramatic last minute choke of the Jets' special teams. I managed to watch both field goals get booted before being hauled into the second opening act, hereby known as the gayest band ever.

The band was Ingram Hill - a musical travesty so offensive to my tastes that I refuse to link them for the one person that reads this site. I traded overtime in one of the most
amazing games of my lifetime for this? The short one oweth, indeed.

At least I got a good story out of the night -- we were stuck behind a girl that had to be just shy of 8' 11". Her shadow started in Bethlehem and ended somewhere around Sydney, Australia. I thought for a moment she was standing on a box, but when I kicked underneath her legs and hit bone I realized she was

Long story short? I'm settling in to watch the Eagles Vikings contest as we speak. Guess
who's providing the potato chips.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Jake Landis, you are too much. Thank you for continuing to provide us with laughs even after you have left apt 255. And tell Laurie we don't know how she puts up with you sometimes ... and she looks nothing like an LOTR character.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok that "anonymous" comment about 255 was from steph grossnickle who doesn't know how to do these blog thingies.

9:35 AM  

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