Thursday, January 20, 2005

I wish...

...I gave a crap about the inauguration today, I really do. Unfortunately, the whole situation has made me pretty apathetic -- for or against the war, I just want some straight answers about health care, social security, etc. I mean, I'm one of the twenty-somethings that is going to be affected, I'm supposed to be concerned.

I don't like getting into political ideology these days - among people my age, everything quickly dissolves into one of two outcomes:

1. Total Apathy
2. Red vs. Blue

Probably because these are the two easiest ways to argue. If you're apathetic, you don't have to know anything. If you argue a party line, you only have to know what they tell you. Toss various views on religion into the mix, and a civil discourse is about as easy to find as a Jets fieldgoal (cheap shot +3).

Regardless, the long winter months will eventually turn into spring. On a lighter note, the band that I so deservedly maligned in a previous topic will be performing at my alma mater. The irony is so delicious, I do believe I will eat it with a spoon -- the spoon of righteousness.


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